Minutes matter

Just figured out what my wasted time is worth in dollars, and wow, I’m really kind of embarrassed that I don’t write more, knowing what I know.

You know when people tell you that you should write even if you can just fit in ten minutes here and five minutes there? Yeah. Those people are the smart ones.

Based on my 2014 published words, what income I’ve generated this year, and my average writing speed per hour, I’m passing up $0.90 every single minute that I choose to do something other than write on one of my upcoming releases (income growth is spurred on by new releases—my baseline is going up, even though month to month income drops as more time passes between releases). Basically, I can theoretically earn at least $10 on every 11 minutes of writing I do. And that’s now, without the added growth that a bigger backlist of books could bring me.

All this means is that I should really be spending more time writing and less time doing other stuff.

And yet. Here I am. Gah!