Day 11 of NANO 2014

I climbed back on the writing wagon today! I have no idea what made today special, since I couldn’t even start writing until late afternoon today because of an out of town appointment that kept me busy from 9 AM until 3 PM.

I’m very happy but I’ve got to make this short so I don’t short change my night’s sleep.

1,445 words in 3.83 hours working on 2 stories for an average speed of 377 words per hour.

I did lots (and I mean lots) of redrafting of the last scene I’d written on story #1 and the opening of story #2. So I feel like I came out really good for the time I spent and all that I deleted. I wanted to work for 4 hours (in two 2 hour blocks) and my goal was to write about 500 words an hour. So really, I did do great.

I updated my NANO word count (which is for story #2 only) but since I didn’t record anything for a few days between the 1st and today my total’s off a bit at 1,515 on that story. Going forward everything should be correct.

Yes, I’m back to tracking my time. I’ve decided I actually like comparing myself to myself.