A Writing Dead Zone

That’s where I’m sitting right now, in a writing dead zone. I finished that last book and I just can’t seem to get moving again. Momentum lost.

This is another tick in favor of writing on multiple stories each day, because it’s unlikely I’ll finish all these drafts at the same time, so when I finish something, I won’t have the letdown that comes with a finished project while, hopefully, I retain my momentum because I’ll just keep writing on all the other stories each day.

But first, I have to pick myself up and start writing again. Today was supposed to be a 3,000 word day, but then I decided 2,000 would do, and then 1,500. As of now, it’s 7:07 p.m. and I’ve still not written a word on that novella—or anything else.

It’s like I’ve decided that if I can’t write on the novella, I can’t write anything. Which is stupid. Of course I can still write something. And maybe writing something will be enough to keep me from losing any more momentum as the second week of November really starts to take hold.

I’ll be really glad when I get this figured out.