Day 13 of NANO 2014

My day today is one big blob of time. I shouldn’t have any interruptions so I am hopeful I’ll reach 3,000 words. In case you’re wondering, this isn’t me having rethought the things I rethought a week or so ago. This is me trying to play a bit of catch up because I’m behind in my word counts for nanowrimo. :) I’d like to win this year but I can’t do that with the daily 1,667 word goal I talked about in that post.

None of that withstanding, I’m still working hard to increase my daily word count average, because as I mentioned, it’s not where it needs to be. Since that post on November 5, my daily average has dropped to 687 words a day, because I had several more zero word days that dragged it down including a day where I ended with −2,312 words and the few good days since haven’t brought it back up yet. I’m working on it. :)

My plan to write 3,000 words today

2 hours (goal: 1,000 words) – Reached 859 words and 2 hours on my nano story; I’m really not sure why I’m writing so slow these days but even though it’s coming slowly, the story is moving along. Of course, I go from first draft to final draft as I write, cycling through, so I try not to agonize too much over my speed. When I’m done, I’m done, and that’s the way I like to write. :D

2 hours (goal: 1,000 words) – Reached 380 words and 2 hours (still working the nano story); holy crap I have no idea why this is going so slow. This is like molasses speed or something. I didn’t delete; I didn’t rewrite. I wove parts of the story together, adding continuity and finessing my way forward because … I don’t know. But yeah, even I admit that this pace is ridiculous. If I didn’t have that timer to prove how long I’d worked, I wouldn’t believe it myself.

2 hours (goal: 1,000 words) – Reached 651 words and 1.183 hours (nano story)

I didn’t reach 3,000 words. Not even 2,000 actually. But I’ll try again tomorrow because I’m not ready to give up on winning nanowrimo yet.