Day 5 of NANO 2014

There’s no day 3 or 4 of NANO 2014 because I wrote zero words on those two days. I’m not sure why I’ve decided a late start is going to work out well for me this month, but hey, I can work with it. Day 5 is going to be a zero word day also because I’ve spent all the time on the computer I want to spend today.

As an aside, I spent most of the day updating my financial records and sales spreadsheets instead of writing and, after some messing around with a few calculations, came to the conclusion that it was time to reset.

I’ve been experiencing word-count-goal creep again, harboring unrealistic (for me) expectations and setting silly goals that have nothing to do with what I need and what I can do.

My all time daily average word count (for the last 28 months) is 693 words a day. It needs to be better. But it doesn’t need to be that much better. So I’m aiming for a 1,667 words a day or higher average for the foreseeable future. Write daily when I can. Try not to fall behind. Try to keep myself writing, because we all know how momentum works. Objects in motion and all that. :D