Day 23 of No More Zero Word Days

So I wrote at least 50 words again today! And promptly deleted a bunch more—not the same words, so that’s something, right? I currently stand at -35 words for the day. I’m not that comfortable ending the day on a negative again. That would be 2 out of 23 days, which doesn’t sound bad, but it sure does feel bad.

…And a half hour later…

I couldn’t end it there. So I wrote some more words and now I’m at 253 words for the night. It took 31 minutes to go from -35 words to 253 words, which is approximately 576 words an hour. I really wish I could speed that up. But I have a lot of trouble organizing my thoughts as I write fiction and it takes me a bit to get things moving, and keep them moving without veering off into very, very strange territory—nonsensical territory, to be blunt. Ah, well. I have accepted my lack of any real speed as I write, or at the very least, I’ve decided I can’t dwell on it. :)