Putting Things Off; Day 22 of No More Zero Word Days

Sometimes there are reasons for putting things off. I’d like to think I had reasons today. I did one 5 minute session this morning, which lasted 15 minutes and got me 89 words. So, yay! My daily writing streak is 22 days long.

That, unfortunately, was the only 5 minute session I did today.

I’m still recovering from that sunburn, btw, and I felt both a lot better today and seriously run down. The amount of skin peeling off my body is both fascinating and alarming. :D

I’ll be able to get back to this experiment on Saturday, although I do have a few sessions scheduled for tomorrow. Same rules apply (and will always apply): Use a little willpower, sit down, write 5 minutes, and I’m done. It’s been an interesting experiment and I’m anxious to continue it.