Deadlines and Work Days

I’m ready to try something different. Starting tomorrow morning, I’m setting myself the goal of finishing my regular writing (about 2,000 words) each day by lunch time.

In fact, I’d like to reach and maintain a 2,000 words a day average starting this month.

For more than two years now, I’ve found it almost impossible for me to get more than a couple of hours of concentrated writing time in each day. I’m prepared to accept that limit for now. In all honestly, if I can reach and maintain a 2,000 words a day average, I’m going to be ecstatic!

A lunch time deadline for my writing is hopefully going to push me to get busy writing sooner in the mornings and keep busy. In an effort to make this real, I’m not going to let myself write after lunch for the first few weeks unless I’ve met my minimum goal by lunch. In that case, if I want to try to hit a higher word count for any particular day, I’m free to try.

Otherwise, if I don’t get something written by lunch, I don’t get to write. And that includes the 50 word minimum I need to keep my daily streak alive.

This could be a disaster, or it could be my most productive month since February 2013 when I averaged 1,836 words per day and ended the month with 51,396 words.

I’m going to try to avoid the disaster outcome, because I have books I need to be writing this month!

What I hope to get out of this besides the increased daily word count is more reading time, time for some extra physical activity (writing is not an active pursuit and I can certainly use a bit more physical activity in my days!), and earlier bed times so I can get my other experiment off the ground (getting up early every day).