Writing Plan for Monday, October 6

4 sessions before lunch for 2,400 2,000 words. (Not sure why I had 2,400! I would’ve liked 2,400, but 2,000 is the measure of success.)

No WI-FI (on my computer) until I’m done (or lunchtime, whichever comes first). Because of that, I’m drafting this on my Kindle while I get ready.

I’m starving so I need a good breakfast this morning! I also want to get started as soon as possible while my mind is fresh.

Be back later with a report of my success. ;)


Session 1: 9:15 to 10:21
Ended with 44 words and only got those because I kept writing after the timer went off. I’m going to end up starting the next session late. This novella needs to get easier to write. I have no idea what’s going on.

Session 2: 10:51 to 11:54
Ended with 670 words. Things are moving but I still need to break through whatever’s wrong so I can get to an ending for this thing.

Session 3: 12:08 to 12:55
Finished a bit early with 620 words.

Session 4: 1:12 to 2:09
Finished with 738 words.

Finished the day’s writing goal by lunch with 2,072 words total.

Now I’m thinking of slipping in another session or two this evening—or trying to format a book I need to put into print. Either way, I’ve got time to read and relax beforehand. Yay!