Didn’t finish the book but I did break the record

Yesterday, I was trying both to break my one-day word count record and finish a book. I didn’t finish the book, but I did break the record. I wrote 5,758 words yesterday! I’m very proud of them. :)

Today I try again to finish this book. I think I can. It feels like I’m almost there. Then again, I did say that yesterday too but the scenes I wrote didn’t seem to move me much closer to the end.

Whatever I do, I’ll be working on getting my 4,558 words today so if I do finish the book today, I can take the next 3–5 days off writing to spend time publishing stuff.

I have a short story that’s either going to be published or scrapped (I’m not sure the plot makes sense, at all, and I need a fresh read before I decide if I want to start it over completely at some point, or go ahead with publishing), a novel to proof, cover to make, blurbs to write, paperback to layout, and one paperback cover to complete for my pen name book (paper layout is done, just been waiting to finish the cover for an entire month!).

I’m going to have to finish it all in those 3 to 5 days. 3 is all I’ve allowed for publishing. The extra 2 would pull from my days-off-writing allowance. (I’ve built in 4 weekend days off each month to my word count goals. Of course, I’ll still write something on every day off, just to keep my “no more zero word days” streak alive. ;) But there’s a big difference between writing 50 to 100 words and aiming for 4,558!)

And, that’s got to be a wrap so I can get started. I’m already slipping into old habits of writing crazy long blog posts about random stuff to keep from having to shut off my WIFI.

So, WIFI off!