Late start, still going for it

I’m trying for another record one-day word count today—or to just finish my book! Either one will make me happy. But I’m starting late today because one of my kids had a dead battery and I had to hop in the car and get them to school!

Yesterday I wrote 3,435 words, but today, I immediately deleted 277 of them because I didn’t think about doing that yesterday and I no longer need those words. I’m not going to revise yesterday’s count down since I can’t go back in time and write more words. I like yesterday’s word count right where it is. :D

That means I need a lot of words today to make the record because I also have to make up the 277 words!

The number to beat is 5,758, but to beat it, I’ll need to write 6,036 words. I had better get started.

Now, WIFI off and it’s going to stay off until I’m done writing today.*

*This is currently my secret to success.