Distractions still abound but today is going to be different

I’m coming off two days of zero word counts and I’m feeling disheartened by that. It’s been so uncomfortably hot in here without my A/C and I’m not doing well with the kids at home either. However, today I’m going to turn that all around. I still don’t have A/C and the kids will still be here, but I’m determined to write 3,933 words today at a minimum and get some copy editing done on a book I want to get published sooner rather than later.

I’m coming off a good night’s sleep and I’m ready to get started.

Here’s how it’s going.

Hours Words Session WPH
1 114 114 114

Hour 1 was a serious letdown. I know what happened though, and it was me, getting hung up on what was already written instead of moving on to what’s not.

Getting over that now, before I start hour 2. Not going change anything in the rest of the stuff I’m reading through unless it’s an outright mistake. I “fixed” an action I didn’t like on the part of the character, and as a result, I ended up sucked into changing other stuff that probably didn’t need to be changed. By the time I was done, I’d changed a lot of it back (what usually happens and why changing stuff is a total waste of my time).

1 286 172 172

So, hour 2 wasn’t really any better. The distractions here are killing my momentum.