Playing to win today

After two more days of pathetically small word counts, I’m planning to make today a winner. I had a great night of sleep and I woke up determined to do better today than I’ve done the last 4 days. My pace has been so bad that I only made it to 477 words in 1.32 hours of writing yesterday. And no, that wasn’t because of deletions; it was because I was second-guessing every word I put down.

Here’s to making today a better day.

Goal: 3,933 words in 5 hours or less.

Second goal: 5 hours or more of writing.

I’m going to make both of those happen by doing the following.

  1. Stop trying to force myself to put all my effort and thought into the one story I most want to finish right now. It’s dragging down my interest in writing and killing my word counts!
  2. Let the stories carry me along without second-guessing them.
  3. Run┬ámy kids out of the house if they can’t respect my writing time and leave me alone for 5 hours of writing today. (Sixteen and eighteen year old kids shouldn’t need to interrupt mommy every ten minutes to complain about each other. If they do it again today, I’m putting them to work in the basement or outside in the heat. A little hard work might be good for them both.)

I’ll check in later and post an update below.

Hours Words Session WPH
1 997 997 997

Getting in the hours today has been much harder than I’d hoped! The house hasn’t been too hot to work in, but the distractions have been just as bad as ever. I’ve managed to get up some speed, but only because I followed through on #1.

Total: 1,673 words in 2.18 hours

Hmm. I need a new plan. :o