Finish the Book—Day 6

I need 3,219 words today. I’m sitting down with my hot cup of tea right now and getting to work.

Dear God, I really hope I can do this without embarrassing myself again. Seriously. I’ve got to break out of this funk before I go broke. :D

Update #1: I wrote til 9:15 am from about 8:13 am. My pace could be a lot better. I didn’t actually feel like I was moving that slow, but I spent way too much time going through my previous two pages trying to solidify where the heck I’m going with this scene. I’m at 194 words.

Update #2: I went back to writing at about 12:15 pm and switched to a short story I have going because I wasn’t happy with my progress on my novella. Then I had to stop because I got a headache and needed an aspirin. I took some time to try to nap away the headache, or at least let the aspirin kick in, and now I’m about to get back to it. I hate that I lost the time, but I don’t get headaches often, so I’m okay with having took the time to rest. My head feels a lot better and I feel refreshed. So that’s great. But I have a looong way to go to get to 3,219. Next goal? Write faster! I’m at 516 words.

Update #3: I wrote from about 3:20 pm to 6 pm. I’m taking a short break for food before digging back in and sticking with it until 8, so there’ll be one more update for sure. But all my writing this time has been on the short story, not my novella, but … I did want this short done before 3/31 so hey, it’s a win, right? :D My pace is still so far off my average that I have to wonder if my creative brain froze during all that unusual cold weather we had! :O I’m at 1,456 words.

Update #4: I forgot to put in my last update last night but here it is now. I made it to 2,319 words.

Not quite as many as I needed but a lot more than I’ve been getting and the most in nearly two weeks. So, I’m calling the day a win. :D