Finish the Book—February Edition

So yesterday? No writing. None. But…! Plumbing issue resolved!

And … I missed my 7–9 session this morning, but I kinda had a slow start and wasn’t feeling great, that’s for sure, but I’m feeling better now.

Tomorrow is February 28th and I’d like to finish this book by tomorrow night, so I’m doing a Finish the Book challenge. I know can do it if I quit worrying over perfection and just write.

Perfectionism is a loser’s game anyway. You never get out what you put in. :D And thank goodness for that, because that’d be a lot of angst!

I’m determined to find a way to get into my writing zone today.

1st goal: Banish the critic who’s taken up residence in my head and write at least 800 words in the next hour.

Ack! It’s 2:40 and I haven’t started writing yet! I listened to an entire podcast and spent as much of my time avoiding writing as possible. I have an extra 3 hours I can devote to writing tonight, so I’m not giving up on my challenge! But if I’m going to get this done, I’ve got to start writing, right now. Seriously. Right now.

And … yeah. I got 0 words today. So now I have to finish it all in one day tomorrow, the 28th. Woohoo. I needed more excitement in my life.