This Week Needs To Get Better

I missed my 7–9 writing this morning, and then I missed my 12–4, and then I caved on my 8–9 because I was just … done. Totally and completely done for the day. :o

Plumbing problems cost me my hour last night, so that 446 was all I got yesterday. Today was going to be better. It really was. But then I couldn’t concentrate, at all, and I spent most of the day running up and down the basement stairs (related to the plumbing problem) and wore myself out worrying over stuff until the plumber came by at around 5 pm.

Now I’m only slightly worried, but tomorrow is a dentist appointment I made before I came up with the new schedule, and it’s right smack in the middle of my afternoon writing block, and then there’s the other plumber people that I’m waiting on a callback from. But that part isn’t as urgent so hopefully, please God, I’ll be able to concentrate long enough to write something besides this random stuff I keep writing about my writing. :D

I’m definitely going to find time this week to give this new schedule a good trial run, despite getting off to such a bad start with it yesterday and today, even if it’s only Thursday and Friday, and even if the other plumber people don’t show up til then.

I’m very excited by the new schedule and I feel like it could really work if I put some effort into sticking to it. :D I get a little early morning writing, a little late evening writing, and a decent block right in the middle of the day, long enough to really get lost in the writing.

Now if only these distractions would go away and leave to me write in peace!