First 3,000+ words day in a while; schedule tracking

I thought I’d track my schedule today, to see just how far from my planned schedule I end up, but it really didn’t work out. I forgot to record more half the data. :o

Block #1

  • Scheduled: 7:30–8:55 (40m, 40m)
  • Actual: 8:30–10:07 (40m, 40m)

Block #2

  • Scheduled: 10:30–11:55 (40m, 40m)
  • Actual: 12:07–

Block #3

  • Scheduled: 1:30–2:55 (40m, 40m)
  • Actual:

Still NO TV until I’ve finished my book. That’s been really hard on me, by the way. I miss TV something fierce. I have, however, read more fiction since the ban started. I’m really hoping to end this book this weekend so I can binge watch the latest season of Grimm. I’m hearing some good things about it, and since I put off watching because I was afraid it was going to be terrible, but I really do love the show, I’m really looking forward to this binge as a reward for finishing this book. If I don’t finish by at least midday Sunday, there’s no way I’ll have time to binge watch anything. I have another book to start right away that I can’t put off!

Today’s session log

Minutes Words Session WPH
40 502 502 753
40 1,207 705 1,058
2 1,248 41 1,230
40 1,871 623 935
40 2,368 497 746
40 2,868 500 750
11 3,051 183 998
213 Total minutes
3,051 Total words
859 Total WPH

Yay! for being over 3k today. It was my first since February.

Boo for not sticking it out and getting my full 4 hours. (Came in at 3.55 hours.)

I came up 27 minutes short. Those minutes would certainly have been enough to put me over my goal of 3,233 words, but it’s bedtime and I put it off too long. I shouldn’t even be writing this post. So… goodnight! I need my sleep after that 2 hour night the night before last!