Reading my stuff this morning

I’ve already finished reading what I’ve written of the story I’m going to be working on next. I got a few copy edits out of the way, which is nice because that’s the part I most hate at the end. I wasn’t quite in the same spot at the end that I thought I was, so picking the writing back up might be trickier than I expected.

I’m writing this because I needed a few moments to decide whether I was going to read the finished book now or take some time to get started writing the other book first. It’s a dilemma. If I start the other book, I’ll probably be wallowing in the wrong tone for the other book, and if I read the other book now, I’ll probably think it sucks and have trouble getting into it. I had trouble getting into the unfinished book. I can’t decide why because I’ve read it before and loved the same parts that are now making me feel kind of blah.

I’m going to trust my gut though and assume the blah feeling is coming from my work on the other book. They’re very different stories, but mostly I’m just in a critical, problem-solving frame of mind right now because of my concerns about the other book.

Hmm. I should read someone else’s book before I read my own. To get me back into a less critical frame of mind. Possibly even read my unfinished book again, after reading something else first.

Ha! I think I’ll give it a try.