My plan today was to write fast. Really fast. 1000 wph fast—or even faster than that. 1200 wph would be great. All I had to do was write, stay focused on writing, hit the zone, and just let the story happen.

Well, what has happened so far is that my zone apparently puts me into the perfection zone. Or the piddle zone. (Not that piddle, the other one.) When I zone, I am often zoning into the story in a specific location and I get stuck there. Time goes by so fast I can’t account for it when I raise my head, but I usually have almost nothing to show for it. Maybe my writing is better where I’ve fit it more firmly to my vision, but the story doesn’t generally move forward.

Anyway. That’s where I’ve spent a lot of my writing time this morning.

After my first session, I am frustrated beyond my ability to handle frustration today. I need a break. I guess I’m lucky it’s noon and lunch time. I get my break.

words time wph
281 55 307

When I come back from my break, I’m going to try to crack the zone again, and this time hit the right one.

Writing is no fun when I’m like this. I’d like it to be fun today.