Hang ups that stop me from writing

I don’t work well when I know I have somewhere to be or something to do. Today, there’s a wedding. I had planned to do a lot of writing this morning, because I just haven’t finished that book yet. Have I done that writing? No. Because I keep rearranging my schedule, and because there’s this thing cluttering up my head that tells me I’ve got somewhere to go!

As if I didn’t know that. I’ve even prepared in advance by setting a timer on my phone. Do you think that’s helped? Of course not.

That distracted feeling just won’t leave me. I haven’t been able to focus at all.

Sigh. I hate days like this. I should have been able to get so much done this morning, and now all that time is just gone. Poof. Never to be seen again.

My evening is much less time friendly. And this is it, the day; I really have to finish this book.