Here I am writing about my schedule again instead of writing

(1) I need to write. I have a book I really should have finished writing months and months ago.

(2) I tried another schedule. I hate schedules. I don’t know why I keep trying to make one that I’ll like, because I’m never going to like one of them, except in the most theoretical way possible. Those I love. Then I try to actually use them. My most recent schedules were great on paper. None of them worked, not even once, in my actual life.

(3) Word count goals inspire me and terrify me. I love the idea of them, but I hate having to do the work.

(4) I haven’t finished reading Do the work.

(5) I should probably finish reading Do the work.

(6) I’m spending valuable writing time writing this blog post.

(7) I deleted all my writing schedules.

(8) As soon as I publish this post, I’m going to switch to my book document, start my timer, and start editing the last full paragraph I’ve written. Then I’m going to keep writing until it’s time to stop. (I have clothes in the dryer.)

(9) I don’t know why I’m so convinced I love writing stories. I sure do spend a lot of time not wanting to write them.