Mindset this morning

I’m ready to get to work this morning. I’m getting a lot closer to an early morning rise, but I’m still not there yet. My 9 to 12 block of writing time is still just a little off because of that.

It’s 9:51, though, so not too far from it, and I’m going to start writing as soon as I finish this post.

In my post about breaking patterns, I mentioned that I had picked up some books on writing and started reading them and that I have started listening to author/writer podcasts again.

One thing I’ve done on my schedule that seems to have made a difference is to change my “Writing time” to “Yay! Writing time.” I do realize how silly that sounds, as if just adding “Yay!” to the block is enough to change how I feel about it, but… it kind of is. :-) Silly or not, it seems to be helping my mindset.

I got the tip from Stick with It, a book I have not finished reading (and I admit, I got on sale, because I would not have paid what is currently the full price for it). I got bored after the first few chapters and skipped ahead to the chapter on neurohacks and read a little of it. (This was nearly a week ago.) (I read nonfiction out of order all the time, so this isn’t unusual and it’s not a knock against the book.)

I’m pretty excited that it’s working for now, but I know not to get ahead of myself. I oftentimes react well to novel things and then lose the ability to benefit from them as they become less novel to me. :-)

Anyway, it’s 10:04 and I want to get to work on my book. I’m holding out considerable hope that if I get on a roll today I can finish it. I’ll post updates later about my writing.