High hopes for tomorrow

I’m going to call it a night, optimistic that tomorrow will be a great day for writing. I’m thinking I have to be close to finishing this novella turned novel, and so I’m going into the next couple of days with the attitude that any one of them could see me write the end of this book. :)

As far as today went, I made it to 1,454 words and I’m happy enough with that to call it a day so I can get some extra sleep and stave off all the sickness going around. I seriously do not want to get sick this winter.

Also, I’m going to have to go check out a noise or I won’t sleep. I don’t know why I have to be so paranoid sometimes. I really wish I could let these things go, but I live in a house with hardwood floors and a basement and I hear all the same pops and cracks every night and sometimes they set off my imagination and sometimes they don’t.

My grandmother had a similar issue and I probably picked it up from her. But hey, we all know a writer is well served by an active imagination, and when my writing is going well, I often have disturbing dreams of the kind that wake you up and keep you awake.

So maybe the one is related to the other and I just haven’t recognized that fact.

Let’s just call it a personality quirk and leave it at that. ;)

And seriously, why does it always have to be spiders in my dreams?