It’s tomorrow … again

So far, not so great. I ended my first 50 minute session with 363 words.

Then I ended my second 50 minute session with 490 words. Cumulative.

It’s like I write, and then I spend the next however long tweaking and tuning and there’s no way out of that because what I wrote the first time wasn’t complete and didn’t have everything the way it needed to be. I’m not talking about word choice or flow or anything like that, although I admit I do tweak a bit of that as I go. What I’m talking about is the actual scene—what happens, when, and in what order.

If that isn’t right, I can’t move on.

Ugh. Well, my break is over and I have to get on my next session before I fall behind. BBL.

But… yay! 2 x 50 minutes sessions down and 3 to go before lunch and I think I might actually make it today, which will mean my first success with this experiment!