I can’t decide if this is a good writing day or a bad writing day

Maybe there’s too much time left in the day for me to say. Without a schedule or adherence to a routine, it’s kind of hard for me to tell.

My timer is sitting at 00:53:09.8, so I’ve put not quite an hour of time into my writing today. I’ve read fiction off and on all morning and into the early afternoon, coming in at about 3.5 hours so far. It’s a good book so it’s been more compelling to turn to it instead of writing my own because I’m at a tricky spot where I’m not sure exactly what’s happening next.

That said, I got to add back a bit of a scene I’d written but deleted a few days ago and then tweak it so that it fit properly into the story. That led to me ending my less than one hour of writing with a solid 948 finished words. I mean, I’m happy with them so the only way I’d be tempted to change them is if something in the story changes and I need to make an adjustment. I certainly think the writing’s strong enough as is and I’m happy with the story.

I just feel like I’m having to be careful not to rev this book up again. The problem is that this is a middle book in a series where there’s definitely an overarching plot. However, this particular book has hinged on a particular event coming to pass and I’m in the middle of writing that event. As soon as it’s over, the book is done.

The tricky part is that I’m not actually sure if the climax has already passed. I think it has. And yet, I’m feeling as if I’m trying to build up to something else happening and if I do, that could extend the book past where I already think it’s going to go.

It sounds crazy to say I don’t know if the climax has come and gone but this book is about relationships as much as it’s about action and there was some definite resolution there that does have the feeling of a climax to it.

Except the event the book is about hadn’t arrived and I couldn’t just leave that out after setting it all up. And now that I’m writing this down, I do feel like something’s coming and I need to write that so that this story can end with a strong sense of satisfaction for the reader. I don’t think what I’m writing now is just the wrap up, or if it is, I don’t have a good handle on it, meaning reader satisfaction is going to be in short supply if I don’t figure this out.


I guess I better get back to it. I’d like to get in several more hours of writing before I fall victim to the lure of other people’s fiction again.