Paperback progress

I’ve been working on formatting my paperbacks today. I haven’t yet made a lot of progress because today turned out to be household project day. I needed a few repairs done and since I can’t control when my help is available, I couldn’t control the fact that today turned out to be that day.

However, a few projects that needed doing are done and I have only a few more to go. What this means though is that I’m not going to get as much of my paperback formatting done today as I’d wanted. Meaning I think I’ll set aside Friday this week to work on paperbacks again.

I want to finish the paperback stuff so I can turn my full attention back to my writing. Then, going forward, I’m going to finish writing and then do all the publishing stuff for a book including the paperback formatting before I start another book. Some people work well switching between projects that are at different stages and even I do well with this when writing, but I don’t handle this well when doing publishing tasks because I’m not good at switching my focus between different types of tasks.

Let me put it this way, when something has my attention, it pretty much has all my attention. I don’t often have any left for other stuff. It’s just the way I work and working with this tendency instead of against it should keep me more productive and moving forward at a faster pace than trying to make myself work another way.

Ah well. I’ve got just a little bit of time before I have to get back to those projects and finish them up, so I better make good use of it! Blog posts do not format my books for me. ;D