I think I might break my record today

No pressure, and I’m definitely not saying I will but I feel good, the writing is going well, and I’m going to have some significant free time tonight, so the possibility is there.

This morning’s tally so far makes me optimistic. I’ve never written 6,000 words in one day and I’d love it if I did it today. :)

Hours Words Session WPH
1 1103 1103 1103

And YAY! I just discovered that the paste from Excel is working the way it used it and my table stayed together. The recent WordPress update must have fixed it. :)

And even better, those words in hour 1 were for my stalled out book. :)

Update: I ran out of steam at 4,798 words, so no record breaking day for me. That was 5 hours at 960 wph. I can’t say I minded. I’m enjoying writing too much to care. ;)