It’s tomorrow!

Today I begin my schedule. Breakfast is over and I’ve sat down to write. I’ll be aiming for six 45 minute sessions, and I hope to reach about 500 words for each one. So yeah, I would like to start this with a 3,000 word day. I’ll be happy to fail to 2,000 though if that’s all I manage. :D

Last night, I read some interesting articles about ideal room temperature for productivity (yeah, I don’t know why, but hey, anything that helps, right?) and have decided to raise my room temperature by 2 degrees F. I tried it last night and to be honest, I couldn’t tell the room was any warmer so I don’t know if it’s going to be worth the extra energy usage, but I’m willing to give it a few days trial run same as I’m willing to try out the schedule. One thing I know is that as soon as my fingers get cold, my ability to focus takes a major hit.

Now, on to my writing before time gets away from me and it goes from 9:34 to 10 and I have nothing to show for it. :)

This spot reserved for actual results… See ya in 5 hours or so! ;)

And later—

Minutes Goal Actual
45 500 86  (414)
45 500 105  (809)
45 500 127  (1,182)

As you can see, that table isn’t complete. I had to stop about 3.5 hours into the block (which was about an hour more than it should have been for only 3 of my sessions to be complete). I started an hour late (messing around on the internet when I was absolutely not supposed to—tonight I’ll be shutting off the WIFI on my computer before I turn it off and won’t be turning it back on until time’s up).

Because I started an hour late and because my breaks ran long, I started getting really hungry and so I decided to finish the second half of my sessions after I have lunch. Tomorrow, I hope this won’t happen.

Also, I spent all of the 3 sessions I’ve already done reworking the last scene I wrote. I didn’t like it, and it didn’t feel true to the characters (or maybe I just wanted it to go somewhere else and I had to find what would send the characters that way while being true to themselves). ;) Either way… I’m just about done with that and maybe, hopefully, please God, I’ll be moving along quite a bit faster when I get back to it after lunch.

I really think this would have worked today if I’d gotten started when I was supposed to. But hunger drove away my will to continue! :D Meaning I better make sure I get started when I’m supposed to tomorrow if I don’t want a repeat of today.

And later still…

There’s a reason I wanted to start lumping my time together. That reason was in play here. :D Tomorrow is a new day. And I did end up working another 15 minutes, but I had a negative word count because I deleted some stuff. Still, I left off with the story waiting on me to write all new words tomorrow.

So, it definitely could have been a worse day.