Just one of those days

Yesterday was day 14 of my 500 words a day streak. Only I didn’t keep the streak alive, so it was just day 14 since I began the 500 words a day minimum.

My attempt to draw how I feel.

I’m debating whether or not to abandon the day notation, start over at day 1, or continue as is because my don’t use “streak” in any of my titles, so it could just be titled for the length of the—what the heck is this? It’s not an experiment, a challenge, or a goal. It’s a minimum expectation, so I’m just not sure what to call it.

It was a shitty day. There’s just no other way to label it. I had a headache, caused by an early morning hangouts message that set off a morning of drama that I just don’t even want to think about. I hate the holidays right now, because every year it’s the same conflicts, and it just feels like it’s getting worse year over year instead of better, and the expectations of others are growing instead of shrinking.

I let it get to me and I shouldn’t have. But I slipped up and ended my streak. I’m very disappointed, but I know I can restart it today and keep going. I haven’t failed. Yesterday was just one day out of fourteen.

I’m putting it behind me and moving on.