Just two of those days… ugh

Well, the streak is well and truly dead. Yesterday wasn’t any better than the day before and I failed to go right back to 500+ word days.

Word counts

11/13 -9
11/14 -57

I wrote both days, but only a little, and in both cases think I probably could have made my 500 word minimum if I’d tried a little harder.

At no point yesterday did my word count rise above zero. I started out in the hole and stayed there, because of too much deleting and editing and too few new words.

I thought I had a chance today to get a lot done early, but I’ve also blown that.

I spent 48 minutes writing this morning and wrote 230 words. I did make progress with a scene that’s being a pain in the ass, but the fact is, it’s time to finish this book and yet I seem to just be trucking along with it as if it’s never going to end.