Making It up as I Go along Today (Success!)

So I made some detailed plans this morning to try again for that 6,000 word day I’ve never had.

Then I kind of gave up early. So here I am editing this post to fit my revised plan to reach 3,000 today and save the try for 6,000 words for another day this week, because today just isn’t that day.

The Plan

8:20–9:20 (finished at 9:38, did 10 sessions, reached 751 words) (must have started late without realizing it)
9:30–10:30 (finished at 11:05, did 10 sessions, reached 733 words) (getting behind on time and word counts, not sure why tbh)
11:30–12:30 (finished at 12:53, did 6 sessions, reached 303 words) (crashed and burned this session! Had to read ch 1,2, & 3 to see if something made sense and poof, my time was gone and I’d done only 6 sessions and it was way past time to stop for exercise and lunch)
7:30–8:30 (479 words)
8:40–9:40 (775 words)

Success! I wrote 3,041 words today. :D

For each hour I have a goal of reaching 750 words. To start with I’m going to do ten 5 minute sessions per hour, with a goal of maintaining an average of 75 words for those 5 minute sessions.

I think I’m going to try harder to visualize what I want to write before each 5 minute sprint and see if that helps me reach higher numbers. (So far this hasn’t helped at all. I’m not having any luck today visualizing the scene before I start typing. I don’t know, it’s kind of like I freeze up when I sit down and can only get into the scene as the words start coming together.)

The one thing I’ve definitely noticed is how much more doable a 3,000 word goal feels after having done 4,000 and 5,000 words more than usual these last few weeks. :D