Maybe, maybe, maybe!

I want to start sticking to my plans more often. It might help if I made more reasonable plans, but I don’t seem to know how to do that, or to know what reasonable for me is.

The problem with reasonable, and me, is that some days 3,000 words as a goal is reasonable. Some days, it’s impossible.

I don’t even know why.

I’ve been trying to use averages, but averages aren’t working well. My averages are based on numbers that vary wildly. If those daily numbers more often ranged toward the average, it would be easier to say that I should aim for my average.

Maybe my mistake is not aiming for my highest word counts every day but being accepting of the days where it just doesn’t happen. That’s about the only way at the moment that I see myself ever reaching and maintaining a higher daily average word count.

But that kind of daily goal generates a lot of pressure and it’s too easy for me to forget that it’s okay if I don’t make it there every day. I have a faulty memory when it comes to that kind of thing.

Still, it’s about the only option I haven’t tried recently and nothing else is working.

I want that higher word count.

Maybe I should abandon the use of averages altogether. Maybe I should start aiming for a weekly or monthly number of words and my daily goal is a multiple of that. Then if I don’t reach my daily goals, at the end of the month, I still have a real chance of reaching those numbers despite falling short on a day to day basis.

Maybe, maybe, maybe!

All these maybes are starting to make me crazy.