Time to break my one-day word count record

I need to write a lot of words today. It’s imperative I complete this book I’m working on sooner rather than later because I’ve been saying it would be ready soon for much longer than soon can justify. :o

On that note, I think I’ll make today an attempt to break my one-day word count record of 5,208 words. I’ve still not broken that record and I set that record back in August 2013. The last time I reached 5,000 was July 30, 2014. (Ouch! 2015 has definitely not been a stellar writing year for me.) If I don’t break that record today, then I’ll try again tomorrow. And the day after. I’m going to keep trying to break that record until I do. I’ve really dropped the ball this year and it’s time I picked it back up.

I think the schedule became a crutch for all of my excuses. It’s not that I think it was bad for me. But if I’m not going to follow it and write when I’m supposed to, it just lets me make excuses to not keep trying after my scheduled work day is over. Because my problem is almost always getting started. If it takes me all day to get started, stopping just after I do isn’t helping me. I thought the schedule would help me retrain myself to get started sooner. That’s not how it’s worked out.

Okay, I need just a few minutes to get set, and then I’m starting my timer for some timed writing sessions, and I’m going to spend the rest of the day trying to break that record.

(Hm. See that post right above this one? Yeah, that one. I did, unfortunately spend a big majority of my writing time today figuring all that stuff out. :D I feel more hopeful than I have in a while about my writing production, but the little time I had tonight didn’t net me very many words. Definitely nowhere near what I needed to break my record. So . . . I’ll be giving it another go tomorrow. Wish me luck!)

Today’s word count: 104 words.

Big ouch.