More 5 Minute Sessions

I’ve been doing the 5 minute sessions (sprints really) again tonight, trying to reach the ever elusive 200 words in 5 minutes goal I’d like to reach. You know, someday. Maybe before I die. Since we all know that could happen at any time, for any strange reason, I’d like to reach that goal sooner rather than later. :)

Not that I don’t have other, bigger, more pressing, life goals I’d like to meet before I die, but hey, one at a time, you know?

So far I’ve done 8 sprints and the highest I’ve gotten is 130 and that was my very first one. The rest have been lackluster, even though I swear my fingers are moving faster than they were last night. I can only assume I’m deleting too much tonight. Ah! The bane of my writing habits. I’m a heavy deleter.

Again, I really wish I’d gotten started with this early today. Hmm.

I think I’m going to go try to get to sleep earlier tonight so I can maybe, hopefully, please God, get to work early enough to reach a really nice word count tomorrow.


Yep. I’m calling it a night.