Need a push today

I need a push today, so public humiliation it is! ;)

The plan is to write for 50 minutes out of every hour.


I need more time than I’m giving myself, but I don’t want to put in more time than I have to for these words, so I’m depending on Parkinson’s law to get me there (praying, in other words, for a miracle).

#DIV/0! avg wph
    4,776 words to go
#DIV/0! hours to go
6 planned
6 to go
795.917 per session
955.1 goal wph

So, it’s 9:11 and I have to get started or my plan for the rest of this week is toast.

*** Update ***

It’s 3:53 pm and I’ve finished 2—yes, 2—sessions. How has that happened? I had 6 hours set aside for writing and I’ve spent a lot of time at the computer today. I can’t pull any one thing out of my head and say that’s what caused me to lose time today, but I’d say I’m about to have to institute a no WIFI rule until I get better at staying on task. :o The internet is a tempting little morsel when writing starts to feel like work.

Here’s where I sit:

        521 avg wph
     3,821 words to go
7.32739 hours to go
6 planned
4 to go
955.125 per session
1146.15 goal wph

I did do a little writing outside of one of my sessions so that’s why the number don’t exactly add up.

Time to get back to it. I unscheduled the rest of the stuff I was hoping to get to this evening, because getting the rest of those words is more important than any of those things. Considering my pace, I’m definitely going to need to do more than the 4 sessions I have left, so it’s liable to be a long night.