No Accountability Check-in Yesterday Because . . . Ankle

Yesterday was one of those unexpected days off. I’ve had more of those than I want lately, but yesterday was the first one I can actually blame on something besides my issues with procrastination. I even forgot to do the accountability check-in.

Today turned out to be one of those days too. I had a major interruption today that took me away from home for the entire afternoon, although I didn’t mind so much (my folks have finally stepped into the internet age!).

The ankle is a problem, but it’s healing and I don’t think anything’s broken or permanently damaged. It is, however, crazy swollen on both sides of my foot/ankle and I’ve got muscles sore in places I never expected to be sore! (I had to catch a ride today because it’s my driving ankle. I wouldn’t have wanted to end up stuck somewhere because I realized I couldn’t work the gas and brake pedals!)

Anyway, moving on. Maybe tomorrow I’ll get back to writing and get this year started. :D