Accountability Check-in: 1/9 Saturday

Ah! I almost forgot to post my first accountability check-in. I had an ugly fall earlier tonight and I’m sitting up in bed with my ankle throbbing like it has a heartbeat all its own.

I did get some of my stuff done tonight though. (Not writing. That restart will have to wait for tomorrow.)

  • Words: 0
  • Tiny gains challenge: 1 push up and 1 sit up*
  • Fiction reading mini-habit: Much more than 2 pages (38% of Split Second**)
  • Editing mini-habit: 1 chapter of my current WIP

*Normally the plan is M, W, F, but I kept forgetting this week and I fell behind. Embarrassingly enough, I was sore yesterday from the two push ups and one sit up I’ve already done this week.

**I’m always excited by time travel (I’m going to write my own time travel book someday, yes I am), but so far this isn’t the kind of time travel story I’m usually interested in. It’s much more thriller and much less time travel. We’ll see if I finish it. It’s a Kindle Owners’ Lending Library loan, so it was a bit of a random pick on the 31st so I wouldn’t miss (again) a chance for a free read.

Holy crap, I just twisted my leg wrong. My ankle is seriously paining me right now. I think I’m going to call this post done and hope I wake up in the morning feeling a lot better than I feel right now.

I kind of regret that push up and sit up earlier. If I get sore again while also dealing with this ankle… Yikes. Tomorrow should be fun.