Progress was slow today

I didn’t get anywhere near the goal I set for myself today for either words or time. I did write just under 1,000 words, but after offsetting those against the words I deleted, I’ve ended the day in a negative position.

Really though, as long as I finish this book I’m working on either tomorrow or Saturday so I can move on to the next, I’m okay with that. When I reach the end of a book, it’s never about word count. It’s about getting to the end. And I’m almost there.

Deleting those words turned out to be very important to the end of this book because all I was really doing was revving the plot again when the book doesn’t need that.

Tomorrow I’m going to try a lot harder to actually spend more time writing.

Yep. I said it. Now I just need to do it. :D

I got the call a few minutes ago about the two hour school delay so we’ll see if I can still drag myself out of bed early enough to start the morning off strong. :)

What is it about getting started that’s so hard?