Scheduling shouldn’t take longer than the work being scheduled

Here’s the thing. I’ve spent more time working on my schedule the last few days than I’ve spent writing. So I’m calling that experiment a complete and total failure. It didn’t work at all the way I’d hoped and there’s nothing to do now but move on.

So, time to try something different.

  1. I’ll be using a timer to count up my writing time throughout the day. (I usually set blocks of time and count down.)
  2. I’ll be taking a day off writing here and there to work on getting some publishing stuff done that I need to have finished ages ago. (I just can’t seem to fit anything else in when I’m wallowing in the feeling that I must write every day.)
  3. I’ll be aiming for about 6 hours of writing a day through the end of January. (It’s not a quota, but I’d really like to write that much each day so I can finish the books I want to finish when I want to finish them.)

I’m unlikely to ever become a speed-demon who can write thousands of words an hour, but hey, fast is relative. ;) If I stick to writing about 500 words an hour, those six hours could translate into about 3,000 words a day, which is well above the number I need to end up with a 2,000 a day average at the end of the year.

So there it is. Now, I’m going to go do some more writing before this day is completely gone.

Oh, and the reading hiatus (except fiction, except on Saturday) is going really well. Today I discovered that even though I hadn’t read certain forums and blogs for days, once a week might still be more often than I need to visit, because I had missed nothing at all. :o