Update on reaching that reasonable daily word count

So I’ve been trying to reach my reasonable daily word count for a few days now, and I’ve had some minor success but I’m definitely not there yet.

Of course, Friday I made it—that’s the day I broke my one-day word count record and set a new one. :) Every day since? Not so close.

5,221 – Friday
2,530 – Saturday
3,300 – Sunday
243 – Monday

I’m doing better today, with 2,142 so far. I’m hoping I’ll end the day a lot closer to my goal. :) I have a new no-WIFI rule, so I needed to go ahead and write this post if I was going to write it!

I’ll be shutting down WIFI here in a minute to get back to writing, and since I’ll probably be writing right up until my bedtime, I won’t have another chance to write this update until tomorrow evening. That was my thought yesterday and the day before too, and I never did get a post written. :D

Tomorrow I think I’ll try to break my new one-day word count record. :)