Survived day one of the schedule

I’m quite proud of myself. I wrote almost the entire six hours scheduled and I started on time at 9 and then at 1, although I admit to two interruptions and one almost nap that lasted about five minutes. All in all, I’d guess that I actually wrote for about 5 hours total.

My word count for that time amount of time sucks. Two reasons: I’m at the end of the book and endings always trip me up, and I’ve been stuck here for days so I’m not surprised it’s been a bitch trying to write my way out of this mess.

I have 1,011 words more than I started with and all of it was added to what I already had in the scene (which is now so long that it’s been split across two chapters). Anyway, it’s coming along and I’m pretty sure this is the climax, to be followed by a fun twist in the wrap up section that will leave a thread for the next books in the series. This series could go on for a long while. I really like writing it when I’m not pulling out my hair because of it. ;)

I’ll be writing more this evening because I’m at the point where I just need to get this book done, but I am taking a break before I get back to it. 3 hours is long enough for one sitting!