The howling wind is talking to me

I kind of want to scream. The wind is howling outside and I’m tired and I always love the breezy days and nights. Something about the way the gusts hit the house and make it shake just a little always makes me feel so … restful. Odd, I think, but that’s the truth.

Restful isn’t what I need right now though, because I’m only at 1,522 words for the day—far from my 4,558 word goal.

But I really want to stop and just … do something else. I’m not really bored with the new book, I’m just tired.

Although I haven’t been writing for the past 15 days (not counting the days when I worked on publishing stuff for the last book I wrote), I have been doing lots of other publishing stuff and working on book covers, formatting, etc, and I’ve had a lot of really long days. I think I’m just burning out a bit, and I need a break.

I haven’t made time to read any fiction or watch more than an episode of tv here and there. I think … I’m going to shut down for a while, do these other things, get some Christmas shopping done, and see how I feel at about 9 pm. If I feel like resuming the writing for an hour or two I might try, and if I don’t, I think I’ll just read something fun!