42,000 words in 10 days: day 5

Well. Unless I can write 2x what I needed to write to reach my 42,000 words in 10 days challenge, I’ve really blown this one.

I’ve been working, but I haven’t written any appreciable number of words in the last 4 days. That leaves me 6 days. But no, it really doesn’t, because I have one of those days scheduled for a personal day, because, holidays. And there’s just no way. I’m going to have to rethink this challenge and do something different.

Whatever I do, I’ll be starting it today. I am going to do everything I can to write my 4,558 words today.

The goal is to hit these markers as I go today:

(Well, that sucks. I just discovered that the update to WordPress has killed the ability to paste a nicely formatted table in from Excel. I had to paste it into Evernote and then copy it back from there to get the table.)

11 am 651
12 pm 1,302
2 pm 1,953
3 pm 2,605
4 pm 3,256
7 pm 3,907
8 pm 4,558

If I can stay on track, this will be a nicely paced day of writing for me; I’ll reach my goals; and I’ll have time for some other things I want to do before I go to bed tonight, despite having started writing late.

(3:04 pm) I’m not on track at all. I did complete 2 sessions before lunch, but my word counts were … not good. I’m at 136 words for the day at the moment, and although I did write quite a few more words than that, those words have been lost to the number of words I deleted. A rough guess says my pace isn’t that far off the mark, but I need to complete several more writing sessions to prove it. Now, it’s time to get back to work.