Tiny Gains Challenge

I’m planning to give this a go: The 2015 Tiny Gains Challenge.

I admit I read too many books and blogs like this but I like the guy’s style. His articles are so calm and sensible, and I don’t come away feeling like I’ve been in a sprint. :D If you’ve been reading for any length of time at all, you know there are many things about me and my work habits I want to improve. I’ve tried mini-habits and found at least one habit that has stuck. I’ve maintained that habit for well over a year now.

I’d like to see if this “tiny gains” challenge might help me in some way similar, because I have some habits that I need to develop but the mini-habits I had set up didn’t work out long-term. I’m revisiting that with a new mini-habit of 50 words a day on my fiction, even if it’s not a writing day, but when I tried it for fitness, it didn’t stick. I got so bored and I eventually quit. Making it a challenge might be just the ticket. :D

Of course, I’m setting my own rules. 20 weeks? Forget that. It’s 52 weeks of habit formation for this gal.

So, my first effort at a tiny gain: pushups! I love them. Always have, but I’m not a very fit person. I’m starting at one and doing them 3 x a week (M W F), and not those girly pushups either. By the end of 52 weeks I’ll be at 52 pushups. For a girl as out of shape as me, that’s going to be a real challenge and giving myself 3 days a week to get used to each level seems reasonable.

I’d love to find some way to use this in other ways, but I’ll have to give it some thought.