Today’s Goal Is to Write 2,900 Words (Fail!)

I need to write 2,900 words today.

But first and foremost, I need to relax. I have a child taking the driving skills test today and I haven’t been able to even think about my fiction this morning. So those 2,900 words will have to come late this afternoon and evening. That’ll take me about 4 hours. I’d love to get it done in 3, or 2?? But I probably shouldn’t waste time pretending I have any chance of finishing those 2,900 words in less than 4 hours.


I haven’t written anything and it’s 8:58 pm. I’ll end up with my minimum tonight.

My goal for this week is 23,400 words and I have 5 days left in which to accomplish it.

Which means tomorrow needs to be a huge day for me at about 5,000 words. I’ve had exactly 6 days where I’ve written 5,000 or more words in the 795 days I’ve tracked since 8/11/2012. I need two 5k word days this week.

10/15/14, Wed 5,075
10/16/14, Thu 5,075
10/17/14, Fri 4,350
10/18/14, Sat 4,350
10/19/14, Sun 4,350

I have a huge week planned. We’ll see if I get anywhere near my goal by Sunday. :D