Today’s Goal Is to Write 5,075 Words! (Fail!)

Holy crap. I needed to get started at 7:30 so I didn’t end up writing all day to reach this goal. It’s 9 am! :o

Still, it’s totally possible, if I can get going. I need a plan.

I’m going to try to squish my 7 hours down into 6, since I’m starting late, and that means I’m aiming for about 850 words every hour. I’m going to have to really push my writing to do this because I don’t write thousands of words every hour. Not even close!

I want to finish about 2,500 words (or 3 hours) of writing before lunch, and the same after lunch.

And later…

Yeah. I need a do over. :D I should also start taking these goals more seriously. :o