Sink that nail

I’m really into the construction analogies at the moment, apparently. :D But yes, today’s plan is to do my best to repeat yesterday’s excellent performance. The only thing I can really control is how much time I spend writing and if I spend that time when I plan to spend it. The WPH is a bit out of my hands, although I will try to push for the better word counts/pace.

My timer just went off saying it’s 8, so I’m going to get started and do my best to stay caught up with the schedule/routine today. Be back with a report when I’ve finished some writing. :D

Session logs:

Minutes Words Session WPH
60 567 567 567
17 747 180 635
60 2,064 1,317 1,317
43 2,967 903 1,260
60 3,927 960 960
240 Total minutes
3,927 Total words
982 Total WPH
4 Hours to write
0 Hours left
#DIV/0! WPH needed

The writing went really well today and the book is coming along great. I no longer hate it—I love it! :D Oh how fickle I am when the writing is going well. ;)