Word count post for Oct. 4–5, 2016

Oct. 4: 2,968
Oct. 5: 2,225

Daily average since 9/19: 752 words.


I’m still working on getting better about sticking to my scheduled writing times. I find myself distracted during the blocks of time, and instead of having time for four 50 minute sessions in a four hour period, I’m coming up with two or three, if I’m lucky. :o

This morning I haven’t been that lucky.

For example, this morning: 9 to 1 – I planned for four 50 minute sessions in that period.  I managed two. So I reached half the word count I wanted. But no, not even that, because I averaged 100 words less (or thereabouts) per session than I planned.

This is a huge problem, because what ends up being a few hours of writing takes all day. And because I’m not really on break or relaxing during the time I’m not writing, I exhaust my writing energy. (I manage to make almost all this unproductive time feel like work, don’t ask me how.)

So, priority goal: find some way to stop getting sidetracked during the blocks of time I’ve set aside in my schedule!