WordPress Update 3.9.1 Bug?

Well, the update to WordPress 3.9.1 went fine, but yesterday, shortly thereafter, loading pages in the admin became problematic. About every fourth or fifth click/page load, I end up with nice blank white page. :D

Ah, well, I’m sure it’ll be fixed soon but it’s still a bit annoying. Considering how much this software cost me … oh, wait. I think I’ll shut up now. :D

I love WordPress (most of the time*).

Also, I have no real way of knowing if WordPress is truly the issue so I’m not going to bother with any kind of bug hunting. I have lots of words to write today.***

Just in case, I reinstalled the update because it was a simple click. I love how WordPress has become ever easier to keep updated.

*See link for details.** :D

**I know, I know! But I get a kick out of footnotes and I put them everywhere. I just hate interrupting the flow of my sentences more often than I need to and so … footnote!

***It’s Friday. That kind of definitely makes me sad. Today’s my last day this week for focused writing.