Writing: July 17, 2015, Friday

9:14 am

I’m a little late getting started, slept badly, went to sleep late even after trying not to, and breakfast took about 35 minutes.

I want to finish my short story today, start the next, and get some words done on my novels. Getting started as soon I can get myself into the short story. I’ll be shutting off WIFI.

11:46 am

I seem to be writing much more slowly today than yesterday. I’m am getting closer to the end finally. I did succeed in fitting in a section I thought I might have to delete. Now I just need a certain scene changed up a bit, and the final scene. I think that will wrap it up, a couple thousand words longer than I meant it to be, but I’ll be done, so yay! Again today I’m not ready for my break yet, so I think I’ll write until 1 instead of 12.

12:37 pm

Somehow I’ve wasted 50 minutes of writing time, not even sure how. I think it was because I slipped a look at my Kindle when I took a quick break. Big mistake during writing time. I have a plan to read in the mornings from 7 to 9, but I should think about coming up with a way to leave my Kindle upstairs until after 4. If I don’t have my Kindle down here, I just read on my phone instead though so there doesn’t seem to be a lot of point to that. Maybe I should try the no forums/blogs/reports until 4 again. It just felt so … uncomfortable. But weak willpower will happen again, even though I feel right now like I could just stick to not visiting those sites during writing time. Okay, anyway, back to work. I want to write 3000 words today and have a normal lunch at 1 pm and watch an episode of NCIS or something while I do it.

12:55 pm

Forget it. I’m stopping for lunch now. I’m just too tired. I need a rest and a mental readjustment before I get started again. Besides, my laptop needs to charge.

1:16 pm

Okay, never mind that. I wrote a bit more and the scene issues are being worked out. Going to lunch now and will be back to work by 2:16 sharp.

5:43 pm

I didn’t restart at 2:16. I felt like I needed a nap and the computer wasn’t charged yet so I took one. Then I did that post on this site about the new pen name. Then my daughter came home and I spent time talking to her.

Since I do want to reach 3000 again, I’m going to put in some extra writing time so I can. I’m only at 888 for the day and I’m really not satisfied with that.

Now I’m getting back to work. I can break through to a new level of daily word counts if I just keep trying and today’s 3000 word goal is part of that effort.

11:06 pm

I really just seemed to run out of time this evening with obligations of one kind and another. I wrote 1,459 words total, but I also deleted 651, so I ended up with only 808 on my daily log, which is significantly short of where I wanted to end up. The 1,459 was half way there, though, and the 651 I deleted was a scene meant for late in the story that I wrote very early on, and it just didn’t work with the story as it developed and approached the end. Tomorrow I will finish this story and move on to the next.

I’d like to be asleep by 11:30 so I can be fresh for tomorrow’s writing, so I’m calling it done. I’m feeling a bit dissatisfied with the day I had today, but all I can do is try harder tomorrow not to let it happen again.